Renewal Meditation Set



Free meditation and visualization set for radiance and serenity every day. Touch down, rekindle your flame, and restore the peace with this set of meditations:

A Visualization for Sharing Your Light. An 8-minute visualization for renewing your inner light and sharing it with the ones you love.

Positive Outlook Meditation. A 7-minute meditation for aligning yourself with positivity.

Life Goes On Meditation. A lush, 10-minute nature-inspired visualization for restoring the peace and being present.

Bottomless Joy Visualization. 13 minutes of rich, nourishing light. Envelope yourself and your loved ones with your bottomless joy.

A Meditation for Choosing How You Want to Feel. A 12-minute magical, beach-inspired visualization for getting in touch with your intuition and power to choose.

A Savoring Meditation. 11 minutes to exhale tension and guilt and inhale deep gratitude and joy. Gladden your heart and savor the loving energy.


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