Clarity: Find direction, harmony, and happiness on the inside.

  • Now: Illumination Kit. Set your intentions.
  • Session 1: Grounding. Start where the feelings are and release resistance with love.
  • Session 2: Alignment. Living in alignment with your heart and the art of letting go.
  • Session 3: Connected & Clear. The path to inner happiness and living in true harmony.
  • Session 4: Extraordinary. Define your extraordinary and make clear, conscious choices.



Clarity is a self-paced, 4-week class all about finding direction, happiness, and harmony on the inside. You get instant access to your Illumination Kit and class materials when you enroll. I’ll also send you a weekly email with access to the week’s material. You have lifetime access to all class materials after they’ve been released, so you can take it at your own pace.

Each session includes a 45-minute audio lesson, digital workbook, spoken word reflection, and guided meditation.

Here’s a quick overview of the class schedule:

Now: Illumination Kit. 


Session 1: Grounding


Reconnect with your body and it’s inherent wisdom, rediscover the things that light you up, and lovingly release the resistance keeping you stuck.

In this session of Clarity, you’ll learn…

  • The one trick that will always point you in the right direction when you’re confused or overthinking a decision.
  • How to know when to say yes and no without the second-guessing.
  • The counter-intuitive secret to personal transformation.
  • How to develop clarity that keeps on growing.
  • The top reasons we get stuck and how to move through them with grace.
  • The one thing you need to learn about clarity if you’re an overthinker.

And get answers to real reader questions like…

  • “I can’t let go of worrying.”
  • “I don’t even recognize myself anymore.”
  • “I’m lost and floundering.”
  • “I have a hard time with staying stuck.”

Listen to a preview of session 1 here:


Tie the whole session together with the Beloved Flame Meditation. It’s 10 luscious minutes of getting deep into the feelings of your intentions and nurturing the sacred flame in you. It’s all about the light.

Session 2: Alignment


Approach any situation with a clarifying attitude, build pure confidence that you can take anywhere, learn the language of your emotions, and master the art of letting go.

In this session of Clarity, you’ll learn…

  • The clarifying attitude that works in any situation.
  • The simple secret to feeling confident anywhere.
  • How to uncover and align with your most meaningful strengths and values.
  • How to trust that what you feel always makes sense.
  • The common mistake we make with self-care and the secret to practicing deep self-care.
  • The secret messages hiding in fear, sadness, anger, overthinking, and reassurance-seeking.
  • The art of letting go.

And get answers to real reader questions like…

  • “I feel so bored, restless, and unfulfilled.”
  • “I lack confidence. That’s my problem.”
  • “I’m always working so hard to find peace. It seems like the harder I work for it, the further it seems to get.”
  • “I want to appreciate where I am. I don’t want to wish my life away.”
  • “I don’t understand my emotions. They don’t make any sense.”

Listen to a preview of session 2 here:


Tie the whole session together with the Healing Light Meditation. Bring the healing energy of compassion to your body, mind, and spirit with 15 minutes of love and reverence for yourself. This is the start of letting go.

Session 3: Connected & Clear


Find your path to clear loving, inner happiness, and true harmony.

In this session of Clarity, you’ll learn…

  • Why you’re not as confused as you think (and what’s really going on).
  • Why you should forget about the advice to “stop caring what other people think.”
  • The everyday desire that complicates even simple decisions.
  • The paradox you must embrace to find clarity in your relationships.
  • Strategies for decreasing the pressure and confusion tied to other people’s opinions.
  • The building blocks for true inner happiness.
  • How the desire for harmony holds us in conflict and the subtle shift that breaks the cycle.

And get answers to real reader questions like…

  • “I feel like I have to take care of everyone before I can take care of myself.”
  • “There’s always someone with a different or stronger opinion.”
  • “I want to feel more harmonious with everything.”
  • “I’ve depended on others to make me happy for so long, and it’s so draining. I want to seek happiness from within.”

Listen to a preview of session 3 here:


Tie the whole session together with the Light of Loving-Kindness meditation. It’s a radiant 20-minute loving-kindness meditation rooted in the feeling you wish to cultivate in your life and spread throughout the world. Everything is illuminated in this meditation.

Session 4: Extraordinary


Clear the way for an extraordinary life built on clarity, meaning, and your most loving intentions.

In this session, you’ll learn…

  • If you want to feel more clear, forget about discipline. Focus on this instead.
  • How to make clarity a way of life.
  • Four essential practices for making personal transformation stick.
  • How to flow with the process of change.
  • How to define your own extraordinary life.
  • What you can always choose – even when everything else feels out of your control.

And get answers to real reader questions like…

  • “I want more balance. Life is real up and down.”
  • “How long will it take to make this a habit?”
  • “If I could just reprogram my inner critic, then I could get through this block.”

Listen to a preview from session 4 here:


Tie the whole session together with the daily Spark meditation. Get yourself off autopilot with this 3-minute meditation for feeling clear, decisive, and alive. It’s a burst of heartfelt purpose just when you need it.

Enrollment is open for only 24 hours.

50% of proceeds will go to Doctors without Borders. As a special thanks, I’m also including the Love and Blessings for Mother Earth Meditation with every order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work? Is it live? 
Clarity is self-paced, not live. The class lessons and class materials are all online. When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to the Illumination Kit and all your class materials. I’ll also guide you through the weekly lessons by email. You can follow along for the four weekly sessions or take them at your own pace.

Does my enrollment ever expire?
All of the materials are downloadable so you have lifetime access and can complete them at your own pace. When you enroll, you’ll also have access to your class members area, where you can listen to/view and download current course materials as well as receive any future updates to class materials.

What if I fall behind during the 4 weeks?
Clarity is designed to be self-paced. The program is broken up into four weeks, but you can take however long works for you. If you ever fall behind, remind yourself of your intentions when starting this program and find your way back to a schedule that feels good to you.

Do therapy or coaching sessions come with this program? 
Right now, no. But I will be checking in by email as we move through the course. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and have over a decade of experience practicing psychotherapy, but this program is not intended as a replacement for treatment. If you feel you need more specific support for a psychiatric condition or are in crisis and would like to enroll in Clarity, I recommend using it together with professional therapeutic support.

60-Day Guarantee

Try Clarity for a full 60 Days, Risk-Free 


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