Giving Back

Dear Mother Earth,

You make me smile, even if I’m having a terrible day.

You make me slow down, even if I’m in a hurry.

You make time stop and my heart grow ten times bigger than I thought it ever could.

I passed one of your trees today, and I thought so fondly of summers from my youth running through your woods. You made me cry the happiest tears.

When I looked at your sky, you reminded me how to breathe. 

All I wanted to do was sit in your grass and inhale all the hopes and prayers of everyone else looking at your sky at that moment.

You surprised me with rain today, and it was glorious. I thought of your raindrops watering your flowers, filling your oceans, and carving your mountains.

And as if that weren’t magical enough, you gave me a rainbow. Like a kiss on the head. 

You filled me with love today, Mother Earth. But I have to tell you, my heart was breaking, too.

You see…I saw that new parking lot where your forest used to be, and I thought about the chemicals drifting through your air and water.

I thought today, here I am a speck on a speck in a speck in the universe, and felt pulled between the amazement at your vastness and the grief over the magnitude of one speck’s footprint.

I could have been swept away in it, but you stood by me. You tousled my hair and wrapped around my skin. You whispered in my ear with your birds and breeze.

You’re counting on us, no question. But you believe in us, too.

So, I wanted you to know that from this day forward, I will repay your love with love.

I will tell at least one person today about my plan to learn more about you and how I can help.

I will send my wishes for well-being and vitality to my brothers and sisters on land and sea.

I will make one small decision today, and another tomorrow, and another on each day after that to help keep you healthy, safe, and clean.

I will be one of your brave raindrops that helps to fill your sea, and I will find the other raindrops so that together we may start a storm.

I don’t have much more than love to offer you, but I offer it freely.

May I share that love fully, and may that love be what you keep from me.

With love. Always.  

To my fellow raindrops,  if you feel called to repay Mother Earth with your love, consider giving to the Love for Mother Earth fundraiser (powered by benefiting Rainforest Alliance. When you donate, I’ll send you a free Love & Blessings for Mother Earth meditation (just check your inbox for my thank you email via Mightycause).

Our goal is $1,000. No deadline. Maybe it will take years. Maybe days. How long doesn’t matter. Just that we show up and make the difference that we can. 

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About Rainforest Alliance:

Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit working to support biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods across 76 countries. For more than 30 years, their work has helped to educate students and farmers, remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and protect ecosystems.