Spark Shop by Leslie Ralph

A blessing for purpose:

May we point ourselves in the direction of our deepest desires.
May we remember the art of soul-affirming living.
May we let ourselves overflow with the light of all we love.
May we all remain true to our intentions and intuition, invite the muse into our hearts daily, and remember what it is we intend to do with this life.

You have a light in you like no one else. Shine it bright and brilliant.

I’ve filled this space with treasures for your beautiful heart. May you find the spark that warms your heart and ignites your spirit.

Choose your spark:

Luminous meditations & visualizations in the Light Collection.

Poetry and art for inner strength, love, and peace in the There, I Might Find Peace Collection.

Playful art, apparel, and accessories to lift your spirits and light your heart in the Levity Collection.

Love and Blessings for Mother Earth with the Mother Earth Collection, benefiting Rainforest Alliance.

Art to lift you higher.

Heartful adornments for your home.

Art-inspired, zero-waste apparel and accessories through Vida.